Margot Robbie to Bradley Cooper, the biggest snub and surprising winners of the 2024 Golden Globes


Margot Robbie to Bradley Cooper, the biggest snub and surprising winners of the 2024 Golden Globes . This indicates that there is a certain leader in the competition to enter the Oscars in the coming weeks as the winner of the 81st Global Globe Awards.

Fans eagerly anticipated seeing the top performances receive their just desserts because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has two sections to reward both the feature films and television categories. Though the majority of the prizes went mostly to names who were expected, there were a few surprises and snubs that outperformed the favorites.

‘Bye, Barbie?’

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie did not appear to have an impact on the Golden Globes, as the biggest movie of the year took home two prizes from its top nine nominations. What Was I Made For? singer Billie Eilish won Best Original Song, and the sole other victory was in the newly created Cinematic and Box Office Achievement category.

The entire team, including Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig, joyfully accepted the award, but it felt more like a comforting token following the major upset caused by Poor Things, which defeated Barbie to win Best Motion Picture.

Best Screenplay goes to Anatomy of a Fall over Past Lives and Oppenheimer

When Justine Triet’s name and that of her partner Arthur Harrari for Best Screenplay were announced, she appeared astonished. Since taking home the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in May and winning a slew of accolades last month at the European Film accolades, the French court drama has been gaining steam throughout the awards season. However, very few anticipated that Anatomy of a Fall would win in a loaded Best Screenplay category that included Barbie and Past Lives.

Another noteworthy win for Anatomy of a Fall was Best Picture in the Non-English Language category. In the upcoming weeks, Sandra Hüller, the lead character in Anatomy of a Fall, is likely to make numerous appearances at award speeches.

Sandra Hüller lost to Lily Gladstone in the Best Actress contest.

This year’s front-runner for Best Actress is none other than Lily Gladstone, the relatively unknown talent who plays the troubled soul in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. In contrast, many anticipated Sandra Hüller to win for her fiercer, more biting part in Anatomy of a Fall, but the movie won the other categories.

At the same time, Lily won the only prize for Killers of the Flower Moon at the Golden Globes, defeating Annette Bening for Nyad and Carey Mulligan for Maestro.

A straight path to the Oscars? Remember that Emma Stone, who isn’t afraid to make a few jokes along the road, won Best Actress in the Musical and Comedy category the same night for her role in Poor Things?

Conducting for six years does not guarantee a Golden Globe.

Bradley Cooper’s visage hasn’t aged well at all since Cillian Murphy won Best Actor for Oppenheimer. After the Golden Globes, the actor, who also produced and wrote the film Maestro went home empty-handed, with Oppenheimer taking home the major prize. Maestro, which debuted in September at the esteemed Venice Film Festival.

According to the Golden Globes, where he faced up against Barry Keoghan for Saltburn, Andrew Scott for All of Us Strangers, Colman Domingo for Rustin, and Leonardo DiCaprio for Killers of the Flowering Moon. The actor, who has had numerous Golden Globe nominations but has never taken home the trophy, claims that he studied conducting for six years to portray American musician and conductor Leonard Bernstein.

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