Asus Set to Announce ROG Phone 8 in January With its Amazing Cloud Gaming Features


Asus ROG smartphones are always exceptional in this marketplace. It is the ideal choice for every gamer because of its flagship specifications, which come with the best gaming features and optimization. Now the time has come for a new ROG phone that has the Snapdragon processor and makes your gaming experience more effective. 

According to a post made on X, the ROG Phone 8 series will be coming on January 8 at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This model is seen in the teaser that goes with it, standing in the frame of the prior ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, which is before the screen grows and the sides get smaller. Therefore, Customers will experience a bigger screening and in-display selfie camera specification. The previous models of ROG Phones have bazels on the top and bottom which are visible and filled up with a large portion of the screen. 

The company has already engaged in high-end PC products and components and develops phones that are often completely successful. The ROG Phone line is targeted at gamers, and the smartphones are capable of supporting that claim. To mark it as a ROG Phone with extra markings. It might also come up with the series of ROG Phone 8 Pro, and ROG Phone 8 Ultimate. ROG Phone 8 has come up with the best camera specification and introduces the best photography experience. Customers will love to use this  ROG Phone 8 

With this amazing and clear look in black and gray, the ROG Phone 8 emphasizes the attractive design with the square-shaped camera arrangement on the back panel. ASUS is excited to present a more cleaner look for the back of its smartphone, moving away from its previous style. RGB lighting is still expected, and the Republic of Gamer symbol seems to shine on the back.

The public launch of the ROG Phone 8 series is scheduled on January 9 at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 in Las Vegas, according to a declaration from Asus.

The business also announced that on January 16, the ROG Phone 8 series will make its debut in the Chinese market.

Specification and Features Upcoming ROG Phone 8

One of the upcoming versions is visible in the official teaser image with a modified rectangular camera module; this same camera Asus ROG smartphones module was seen in a previous teaser with a USB connection on the side.

With the model number “ASUS_AI2401_A,” an Asus ROG Phone 8 variant possibly the base or Pro model that was also identified on the Geek Bench, where it was observed to have up to 16GB of RAM. 

The ROG Phone 8 series’ launch in India is yet to be confirmed by the company. But in India, the 12GB + 256GB version of the ROG Phone 7 costs Rs. 74,999, while the 16GB + 512GB version of the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is priced at Rs. 99,999. 

The basic model is available in an extra Jet Black color, and the mobile phones are available in Thunder White. The Qualcomm 8 Gen 2 SoCs from Qualcomm power both variants, which also include a 6,000mAh battery with support for 65W wired fast charging. A different listing suggested that a 5G connection and 65W fast charging might be supported by the model.

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