The Disturbing Truth Behind TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church: Tales of Abuse, Cult-Like Control, and International Scandal


A Dark Veil Over the Miraculous Facade

TB Joshua, the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), stood as a revered figure, commanding a global flock of devoted followers. However, behind the veneer of divine miracles and spiritual healing lay a shadowed realm of torment and abuse, as revealed by a comprehensive two-year investigation by the BBC and Open Democracy.

A Nexus of Atrocities: The Gripping Allegations

The investigation unearthed a web of harrowing experiences, with former members recounting appalling acts of abuse, torture, and sexual assault within the compound walls. Shockingly, tales of rape, forced abortions, and physical violence emerge from the testimonies of more than 25 ex-disciples, including five British nationals.

Rae’s Descent into Darkness: A Journey of Suffering

Among the victims is Rae, who spent a tumultuous 12 years within the labyrinthine confines of TB Joshua’s compound. Her haunting accounts of sexual assault, solitary confinement, and multiple suicide attempts paint a chilling portrait of life under the guise of religious devotion.

The Cult-Like Grip: Victims in Silence

Numerous others echoed the nightmarish narrative, describing an environment akin to a cult, where physical abuse, sleep deprivation, and forced abortions were dreadfully commonplace. Jessica Kaimu’s five-year-long ordeal, marked by repeated rapes and forced terminations, epitomizes the horrors faced by many within Scoan’s walls.

Death of a Charismatic Figure: TB Joshua’s Controversial Legacy

Despite TB Joshua’s celebrated status, his legacy is tainted by the collapse of a church guesthouse in 2014, claiming over a hundred lives. This tragedy now stands alongside the haunting revelations of abuse and manipulation brought forth by the BBC’s investigation.

Whispers of Silence: Victims Silenced and Ignored

Alarming reports of physical threats and attacks against witnesses who dared to speak out and a British couple’s plea for help, recounting sexual assault and gunpoint detainment, fell on deaf ears, with authorities failing to take decisive action against the allegations.

The Ominous Silence and the Path Ahead

Despite the damning revelations, Scoan continues its operations under Evelyn Joshua’s leadership. Calls for a thorough investigation into TB Joshua’s reign and the abuse perpetrated within the church grow louder, propelled by the hopes of uncovering the extent of the darkness that loomed behind its seemingly divine facade.


As victims emerge to share their tales of torment and injustice, a poignant call for a comprehensive inquiry into the Synagogue Church of All Nations resonates. The investigation shines a necessary light on the grim reality behind the charisma, revealing the need for justice, closure, and healing for those who suffered within the enigmatic walls of Scoan.

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