Google working on a Gemini-powered working on a Pixel-exclusive AI assistant


Pixel phones differ slightly from other smartphones even though they run the Android operating system. Google does this with a distinct approach, including features like quarterly Pixel Feature Drops and monthly security upgrades that are released ahead of those from rival OEMs. According to a recent source, the business is developing another feature of a similar kind to close this “gap.”

Google intends to create “an AI assistant called Pixie that will be exclusive to its Pixel devices” using the Gemini AI model. According to reports, this assistant is not the same as the Google Assistant that is already available on practically all smartphones.

Google introduced Gemini, a ground-breaking fundamental model that is capable of performing a multitude of tasks in the realms of audio, computer vision, and natural language. While Gemini is now accessible to developers, Google is also attempting to incorporate it into its goods and services. Pixie is one of the most exciting initiatives; it’s a new AI helper that will only work with Pixel smartphones.

Pixie will use Gemini to access and examine data from Gmail, Maps, and other Google programs on the user’s phone, according to a report by The Information. The intention is to develop a more sophisticated, multimodal Google Assistant that is more contextually aware and personalized. For example, Pixie might offer instructions to the closest store where a user can purchase something they’ve taken a picture of or reserve a seat at a restaurant they’ve looked for.

Additionally, according to the rumor, Pixie might debut alongside the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro, which are anticipated to ship in late 2023. Pixie is not the same as Google’s other AI tool, Assistant with Bard (AWB), which was unveiled in October. Based on Gemini’s capabilities, AWB is a conversational interface that can produce natural language responses. According to Google, AWB will be compatible with iOS and Samsung devices in addition to being available for Pixel devices early in the next year.

According to a report by The Information, Pixie is Google’s method of guaranteeing a more customized Google Assistant experience. It is powered by the fundamental architecture. Using information from Gmail, Maps, and other Google products on your phone, can serve as your assistant.

According to the study, Pixie offers more than just question-answering services. It’s getting ready to take on challenging jobs like recommending the closest store where you may purchase that essential item you just took a picture of.

Google had said that the new AI helper would be made available to a small number of testers in the upcoming months. Additionally, the business had stated that using Bard to power an assistant would be an “opt-in experience.”

In addition, earlier this year, Meta unveiled their spectacles that are powered by AI. Google may be doing the same.

According to reports, Google may be developing AI-enabled spectacles that would serve as your AI buddy for vision and other fun tasks. Google’s planned AI glasses could be helpful for a lot of people, as they can serve as a guide for users and offer advice on how to utilize tools, solve arithmetic issues, and even play an instrument.

Gemini Available For Developers

The internet company recently made Gemini available to businesses and developers so they could take advantage of the LLM’s capabilities.

Developers and organizations can access a variety of AI tools, models, and infrastructure through the Gemini Pro API. The Gemini Pro API, which is already available to businesses via the Google Cloud Vertex AI platform, is now accessible to Google Studio developers.

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