iQoo 12 Set the Standards for 2024 Smartphone Trends With Astrophotography and Funtouch OS Features


The final significant launch of 2023 in India was the iQoo 12, and it undoubtedly sets the standard for smartphone releases in 2024. You can read about our initial thoughts here, where we mentioned how the iQoo 12’s design pleased us and how its flagship-caliber specifications met all of our expectations. Nipun Marya, the CEO of iQoo India, shortly after the company made its announcement on Tuesday. They discussed the new product and pretty much everything related to smartphones in general.

The iQoo 12 had a starting price of Rs. 52,999 in the initial launch offers, Then they improved the deal by reducing the price of the entry model to less than Rs. 50,000. We wondered if iQoo planned to test its retail strategy in India around 2024.

Marya also said, “There is a lot of excitement in the offline market about iQoo devices; fans are willing to experience them as well. However, for the time being, at least, we will only be accessible online through the iQoo and Amazon online stores.”

Even though iQoo’s retail approach has worked in the past, the company has decided to focus on its online presence. However, the offline market has expressed a strong desire to test out iQoo devices, and the company is still open to the idea of looking into physical retail in the future.

The iQoo 12’s dedicated 50-megapixel astrophotography camera is one of its strongest features. As night sky photography becomes more and more popular in the market, iQoo understands how important it is to highlight its camera capabilities through astrophotography. Without a tripod, users can take beautiful pictures of the night sky with the handheld Astro mode.

Another essential component of any smartphone is its software support, and iQoo works to provide a positive user experience in this area. Beginning with Android 14 out of the box, the company offers up to three years of Android updates and up to four years of security patches. This guarantees that for the duration of their iQoo 12, users can take advantage of the newest features and timely updates.

Funtouch OS, Priority Pass, and Astrophotography for 2024 Smartphone Trends

Astrophotography is becoming a popular feature on high-end smartphones. The iQoo 12 is one of the few phones in India to have an exclusive 50-megapixel astrography camera. 

Marya started her explanation by pointing out that although iQoo maintains the 3+4 update cycle. Where the company guarantees up to four years of security updates and up to three years of Android updates. Android OEMs are offering longer software support for their devices. “There are two parts to look at,” when asked if it planned to expand the software support.

As a result, Android 14 out of the box is what we are now offering. The iQoo 12 is the first phone to come out of the box running Android 14 in India. Next, we guarantee updates for Android 15, 16, and 17. Also, security updates are available for up to four years. And I believe one is certainly prepared to upgrade. Most of our customers between 80 and 90 percent are preparing to upgrade in the third or fourth year. Thus, users can be sure that there won’t be any problems with iQoo in terms of software updates,” he continues.

Bloatware was one of the biggest problems with iQoo devices, even though Funtouch OS 14 has addressed it a lot. We only had a short time to play with the iQoo 12 during the event, but it seemed to run smoothly thanks to several new features like Always On display, additional lock screen customization options, and built-in multitasking. Marya laughed when questioned about improvements in Funtouch OS 14, responding, “We always said we are working on it.” 

But the good news is that, as a young brand like iQoo, we have a ton of room to grow because of our youth. Therefore, we anticipate growth for iQoo. That is what we anticipate from you. Marya continued, “There are also unmistakable indicators for the industry that the market is shifting toward premiumization.

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