The Best Top Things To Do With a New PC


Purchasing a new laptop is usually an exciting experience, especially for those who share our passion for technology at XDA. Your new laptop opens up a world of new possibilities for you to explore. Maybe it’s just better for doing work faster, or maybe you can play the newest games with your buddies. But when you buy a new laptop, it can be confusing to know where to start. We can help. We have compiled a list of things you may want to perform immediately if you recently received a Windows 11 laptop.

You don’t have to complete every step; many of them are up to your personal preference. However, a few of them come highly recommended and will help you get the most out of your brand-new gadget.

How to Begin Using Windows

Windows will ask you to select a few default settings when you initially boot up your new computer. It will ask you to choose a language first. It will then request to connect to your WiFi. Choose the network you want to use, then enter your password. Then, you can select “connect automatically” to prevent Windows from requesting a password each time you want to access the internet.

Windows will prompt you to adjust your language, time, and calendar settings after you connect to your Wi-Fi. You are then prompted to create a log-in. Although it’s optional, Windows may invite you to register for an online Windows account. You can establish a local account in addition to having your new PC synchronized with any other computers you may possess.

Changing to the most recent Windows version

First things first, make sure your copy of Windows is up to date. Whether you’re running Windows 10 or 11, you should always use the most recent version. Fortunately, Windows makes it simple for you to upgrade your new machine.

As soon as your computer is online, Windows will start looking for updates. Once your machine is configured, follow these steps to update it:

Windows 10:

  • Choose Settings from the Start menu,
  • Update & Security, and finally Windows Update.When an update is found,
    select Check for updates.

Select Download and install Windows 11:

  • Select Settings by clicking Start.
  • Choose Windows Update.
  • Windows should launch automatically
  • If there are no updates, choose Check for updates.
  • To download and install, click

Install a new browser

Microsoft Edge is preloaded on Windows. Although the browser is fully functional, you might want to choose an alternative if it’s not to your taste. Instead, you might like Brave, Opera GX, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages.

Google Chrome is more widely used and has a vast collection of extensions that you may download and utilize. It links to your Google profile, enabling a more consistent experience across several devices. Firefox has a large assortment of extensions and is more focused on privacy.

Opera GX features that concentrate on your CPU, RAM, and internet connection are ideal if you’re a gamer or have family members who are gamers. Alternatively, you might want to use Brave, a browser that comes with an integrated firewall and VPN in addition to blocking trackers and advertisements by default. Brave is quick, safe, and concerned with privacy.

Configuring the security settings on your computer

Windows Security, formerly known as Windows Defender, is preloaded on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Unless you have a third-party antivirus program preloaded, it is activated by default. Here’s how to access it rather easily:

  • Select Settings by clicking Start.
  • Choose Windows Security.
  • Make sure that everything has a green check mark by using the options on the screen.

In addition to firewall and device protection features, Windows Defender, which comes pre-installed as free antivirus software in Windows 10 and 11, can identify and eliminate a wide range of viruses. But its reach is constrained. Its usefulness is limited to the specific Windows 10 or 11 system on which it is installed, and it does not protect against spam or phishing. Its primary purpose is to promote other Microsoft applications.

Regrettably, it is incompatible with widely used browsers like as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which exposes third-party apps and software to security and privacy vulnerabilities. As a result, Windows Defender might not be adequate for all security requirements; looking into reputable third-party options could offer more powerful and comprehensive protection.

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