WhatsApp announces its new privacy feature and sets a deadline for free storage.


Why Whatsaap Banned Its Users?

Online scams grabbed news in 2023, and the majority of these cases involved fraudsters reaching out to their victims over WhatsApp. Scam incidents escalated to such an extent that the Indian government was forced to intervene and request that the corporation take appropriate measures.

WhatsApp announced on Monday that it has banned over 71 lakh suspicious accounts in India for the entire month of November 2023, setting a new record in compliance with the new IT Rules 2021. The business proactively banned 19,54,000 accounts between November 1 and November 30, even before receiving any user reports.

Free Storage Features is now come to an end

With the app’s storage review feature, users can even see how much storage their WhatsApp data is presently taking. It’s crucial to remember that customers are not charged extra to continue backing up their data, provided they have space left over from the 15GB of free cloud storage that comes with their Google Account or from any additional storage they may have purchased, like Google One.

Because photos use up more space, you can launch WhatsApp, go to Settings, Storage, and Data, and lastly choose Manage Storage. In this part, WhatsApp will provide several methods for effectively reducing storage usage, ensuring that you make the most of their free 15GB allowance without paying additional fees.

WhatsApp added its New Privacy Features By considering its Scam Rate

In November, 8,841 complaint reports were handled by WhatsApp. The term “accounts actioned” refers to instances where WhatsApp resolved problems as a consequence of these reports. This may mean doing something that leads to the account’s being banned again.

In addition to providing information on the complaints received from users, WhatsApp’s user safety report also detailed the platform’s responses to such complaints. It also described WhatsApp’s preventive steps to lessen abuse of the service. The Center established the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) to handle complaints about content and other issues that millions of Indian social media users had brought up.

According to a WA beta Info post, users of WhatsApp on Android and the internet will be able to customize their profiles by adding a username. They will find it simpler to build connections with friends, family, and acquaintances if they have an individual identity.

This extra security step allows users to communicate with others without sharing their contact details. Users can search for other users by typing their username into the search field, according to the screenshot WA Beta Info published. As a result, users will only need to enter a person’s username to connect with them on WhatsApp rather than their phone number to locate them.


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