Gillian Anderson Dressed with Embroidered Vaginas



Gabriela Hearst designed the ivory strapless gown worn by the Sex Education star, which had embroidered Vergina on the skirt. There were so many reasons why Gillian chose to wear the outfit, she revealed in a red-carpet interview with Deadline.

Gillian Anderson In Golden Globes 2024 Red Carpet

Gillian Anderson portrayed famed sex therapist Dr. Jean Milburn in 2019–2023 featured on Netflix in “Sex Education”. Asa Butterfield’s Otis and Anderson’s Jean assist their respective clients in overcoming a variety of sex-related stigmas, such as those related to identification, self-gratification, and sexual assault. Anderson has embraced the sex-positive stance of her character since appearing on the show.

She said that her custom ivory strapless Gabriela Hearst gown was adorned with vaginas as she walked the 2024 Golden Globes red carpet.

In keeping with her trademark “#yonioftheday @goldenglobes style,” Anderson posted a video of herself wearing the dress and the details of her ensemble to Instagram on Monday. The Emmy-winning “Crown” actor disclosed in her post that the embroidery of each of the vaginal appliques on her couture gown took over three hours.

The full handmade gown was manufactured in the garment district of New York City. According to a news statement from the designer, “each motif took approximately 3.5 hours to embroider.”

“I wanted to incorporate this aspect into the design since my brand G-Spot’s motto is to ‘prioritize pleasure,'” she said in an interview with British Vogue that was published on January 8. “I’m really glad Gabriella accepted the challenge!”

Anderson added Chopard jewelry, silver shoes, and an Aquazzura little bag as accessories

The actress looked good in the outfit. In “Sex Education,” she plays Jean Milburn, a controlling mother and sex therapist to her teenage son Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield). In the program, Anderson’s character frequently gave vaginal seminars and decorated her house with vulva-inspired artwork.

Regarding the female anatomy design, the actress told Deadline, “She wrote for so many reasons,” and that “it’s brand appropriate.”

After getting an embrace from Jennifer Garner, she revealed to PEOPLE that the dress was inspired by flowers and that her favorite part was that “it’s covered in peonies!”

Anderson in the Netflix’s Sex Education Series

“In the first season of the show, because Jean’s house had so many amazing props that resembled penises and yonis. While we were filming, I snapped a ton of pictures of them, and the gal who assisted me with social media told me, “I think you might get banned.” Regarding her “#yonioftheday” and “#penisoftheday” social media series, Anderson told British Vogue in January 2020, “We weren’t sure if posting up penis pictures would backfire, but so far it’s been alright.”

“Now get Informed that what they have observed,” Gillian Anderson said in the statement, she also added, “In essence, anything which looks like a penis is what others send me.” Sometimes it can be hard to capture them, like when you see something while riding a cab around London. Though I doubt it, I haven’t yet reached the stage where I say, “Stop the cab.”

The fourth and final season of “Sex Education” was announced by Netflix in July. Netflix quotes creator Laurie Nunn as saying she is “incredibly proud” of what the show has done over the past four years.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the talented authors, performers, and crew who gave their all to create each episode. We are thrilled to present the last series to you after their arduous efforts.”

The label stated that it took 3.5 hours to embroider each pattern on the outfit

Gillian’s cream-colored Gabriela Hearst design appeared straightforward because the strapless ballgown gave the impression of having floral embellishments. Upon closer examination, however, the gown’s voluptuous lower half revealed white outlines of the intimate area that took 3.5 hours to embroider, according to the fashion company.

An abundance of Chopard jewels completed Anderson’s bold ensemble. These included an 18k white gold necklace set with nearly 30 carats of diamonds and a 10-carat pear-shaped yellow diamond, as well as 18k yellow and white gold earrings with four shaped like yellow diamonds totaling 15 carats of yellow gemstones and a pair of white diamonds totaling. 50 carats, an 18k white gold bracelet with 13 carats of diamonds, and an 18k yellow gold ring set with diamonds.

Anderson’s hair, though, was arguably the most glamorous aspect of her appearance. The actress truly embraced the naturalness of her hair, allowing just a few wisps of gray roots to come out from the crown of her head and dressed with fotos de vaginaas as the embroidery.

She Kept her makeup simple, she wore a pink lip and a subtle smokey eye.

Anderson focuses on striking a balance between comfort and glamor. Even while she’s no stranger to the red carpet, she also enjoys dressing casually for casual get-togethers at home. She candidly revealed her dislike of bras during an Instagram Live Q&A with followers back in 2021!

“I’ve stopped wearing bras. I don’t have on a bra. I am unable to wear a bra. No, I can’t. The Crown actress said, “I can’t,” when asked what her go-to ensemble was during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter if my breasts extend over my belly. I do not wear a bra.

Anderson stated that if she could, she would “every day” wear “comfortable” black track trousers and a black sweatshirt. The actress continued, “[It’s] probably identical to my go-to out-of-lockdown outfit.” “I’m so lazy.” Watch PEOPLE’s complete coverage of the 81st Golden Globes where many celebrities came and also Anya Taylor Joy met Gala live on CBS and Paramount+ from The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

Anderson also revealed behind-the-scenes pictures of her glam squad getting her ready for the red carpet on Instagram. She also uploaded a photo of herself sneaking off for a snack.

She captioned her collection of images, saying, “Sometimes you just need a sausage to go with your yoni dress.”

Celebrities like Margot Robbie, Helen Mirren, Colman Domingo, Taylor Swift, and Pedro Pascal at Sunday’s ceremony hosted at the Beverly Hilton, attracted attention with their less sexy appearances.

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