Noida: Seema Haider, a Pakistani lady, is expecting a child with her Husband Sachin.


Seema Haider And Sachin Haider

The Pakistani woman Seema Haider, who entered India illegally in May of last year, is expecting her first child with Sachin Meena. Seema Haider announced that she will become a mother shortly and that they would have wonderful news in 2024. Seema’s father-in-law and Sachin’s father both claimed to have seen her palm and to have predicted a son.

In 2019, Seema Haider got to know Sachin through the online shooter PUBG. Seema moved to India in May of last year after falling in love with Sachin.

Seema is a native of Pakistan’s Sindh province and was wed to Ghulam Haider, a fellow citizen. Up until 2019, when Ghulam relocated to Saudi Arabia for employment, they shared a home in Karachi. From her prior marriage, Seema Haider had four children, the oldest of whom was eight years old.

The Uttar Pradesh Police detained Sachin and Seema in July of last year because the former might be a Pakistani spy. They were eventually freed, nevertheless, with limits on their travels.

That same month, Seema petitioned President Draupadi Murmu for mercy, asking to be permitted to live with her kids in her “matrimonial home” in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The request also asked the President to hear the case personally.

Anyone who follows the news knows that Seema Haider, a lady, and her four minor children were detained when they illegally entered India last year. It has been reported that Seema Haidar and her Indian spouse Sachin, who reside in Greater Noida, are expecting their first child together, adding another twist to the tale of love between Sachin Meena and Seema Haidar.

Seema Haider Planned her first baby

Seema Haider has reportedly stated that she is expecting a child and will become a mother once more in 2024. In 2024, Seema Haidar and Sachin Meena will share the birth of their child.

After Seema Haider and Sachin Meena were detained by the Uttar Pradesh Police in July 2023 due to the former’s unauthorized entry into India, the pair came under close investigation. Additionally, the police became involved because there was a suspicion that Seema Haider was a spy. The Indian officials expressed more concerns over her reportedly destroying the phones and SIMs she used with Sachin till she arrived at the Greater Noida house.

The pair had asserted that they had initially connected online in 2019 while playing the shooting game PUBG, which has since been outlawed in India. They claim to have been in virtual relationships for three years before falling in love and making the decision to move forward by getting married and starting a family. Seema arrived in India in May 2023 with her four children, and she moved in with Sachin in Rabupura, a UP village close to Noida.

By chance, the unlawful entry into India was brought to the attention of the Indian authorities. The Uttar Pradesh Police initially encountered Sachin and Seema on July 4th, following a tip from a marriage attorney regarding Seema’s unauthorized entry into India across the Nepal border. “This year, in Nepal, they first met. In mid-May, the 27-year-old woman along with her, left Karachi to proceed to Dubai and then to. She then proceeded to board a bus.

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