Govt Alerts Samsung Users About High Risk In Security: Learn How To Be Safe


The Indian government has advised Samsung users to update their devices right away. Samsung phones running Android versions 11, 12, 13, and 14 are currently at risk of flaws that could let an attacker snoop around and access data on your device without your knowledge, according to the Computer Emergency Response Team of India

The Indian government has released extra safety alerts, this time intended for Samsung Galaxy phone users. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has released a security alert regarding multiple security issues that impact millions of Samsung Galaxy phones, including both older and newer models.


The security agency states that the authorization problems with the AR Emoji app, errors in Knox security software, and the integer overflow risk in facial recognition. software are the root causes of the issue. Apart from these, there might be several vulnerabilities related to memory damage in different parts of the system and insufficient data size verification in the software library. The problem is a major one when you take into account the number of phones that are using these Android versions.

If the attacker manages to get past these security issues, the security note goes over the potential problems. According to the agency, these vulnerabilities “may enable an attacker to cause a stack-based buffer overflow and heap overflow, access device SIM PIN, send a broadcast with elevated privilege, read AR Emoji sandbox data, circumvent Knox Guard lock by modifying system time, access arbitrary files, obtain sensitive data, run arbitrary code, and compromise the targeted system.”

The identified errors could allow hackers to read AR Emoji sandbox data, send broadcasts with elevated privileges, access device SIM PIN, and cause heap overflows, and stack-based buffer overflows.

The issues are attributed by CERT-In to several different sources, such as risk factors in the Smart Manager CN and Knox Custom Manager Service components, an integer overflow problem in the face pre-processing library, incorrect authorization verification in AR Emoji, and multiple other bootloader vulnerabilities.

What happens if the attacker is successful?

If a hacker is successful in taking advantage of the vulnerabilities, negative outcomes may result. According to the official statement, it “may allow an attacker to trigger stack-based buffer overflow and heap overflow, access device SIM PIN, send broadcast with higher privilege, read AR Emoji sandbox data, bypass Knox Guard lock via system time changes, access arbitrary files, obtain sensitive information, execute arbitrary code, and compromise the targeted system.”

How to protect your device? 

Users of Samsung smartphones are strongly encouraged to update their firmware as soon as possible. Users must maintain constant watchfulness and update their phones with the latest releases from the vendors. Use caution when opening links, installing apps, and visiting unidentified websites, especially if the software on your phone hasn’t been updated.

A highly severe rating has been issued by the CERT-In bulletin, which may worry those who use Chrome on their computers. The alert alerts users to the fact that multiple vulnerabilities in Google Chrome have been found, which could allow attackers to run arbitrary code and obtain user data by tricking users into visiting websites that are specifically targeted.

Samsung has already published a software patch. Here’s how to save your phone to check:

Open the Samsung Galaxy phone’s Settings.

To access the software update, scroll down.

To see if there is a new version, tap Update.

Restart the phone after installing the latest update.

If there isn’t any update, you should proceed with extra caution when clicking on links or downloading files from unidentified sources. Additionally, until the security flaw on your device is resolved, make sure you only download apps from reputable app stores and avoid sideloading them.

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