Does The Speed Of The RAM clock Affect Gaming And How It’s Important?


RAM can now be supported by modern AMD and Intel CPUs at very high clock speeds: up to 3200MHz for DDR4 RAM and 5600MHz for DDR5. Higher clock rates are also no longer exceptional in these circumstances because the RAM may be correctly controlled by using a specific profile.

We have conducted tests to determine the impact of RAM clock rate and latency on your computer’s gaming performance. The majority of manuals, including this one, will emphasize how important it is to pay attention to how much RAM you have available and how much is required to suit your computing needs.

Is RAM Important When Building a New PC?

Since the speed of RAM is a bit of a misnomer, let’s define a few words first. The frequency, connectivity, total number of methods, quantity, duplicate data rate (DDR), latency as well as and even the speed/generation of your processor all affect how quickly your system RAM operates. The frequency of RAM is what most people mean when they talk about “RAM speed.”

A higher CPU speed will almost always translate into improved PC performance, but the same may not necessarily apply to high-frequency RAM. This is because system RAM handles command operations differently from the CPU. This is why, even though RAM with a higher frequency is theoretically faster, it frequently performs less well in practice.

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory is referred to as RAM. It’s a kind of RAM used by computers to hold data that the CPU is currently consuming or processing for a short period.

It is not the same as storage! RAM is regarded as volatile memory, meaning that when the computer is turned off or restarted, its data are lost. On the other hand, storage like hard discs and SSDs is designed to hold and retrieve data over extended periods.

Why Is RAM Needed?

RAM is crucial to the speed of a computer. A program or file is loaded into RAM so the CPU can access it fast when you use it. Hard discs and other conventional storage are slower than RAM. A computer that has more RAM can execute programs more quickly and do more tasks at once.

A computer may use its hard drive as a backup if it doesn’t have sufficient RAM, which can drastically reduce performance because accessing data from memory is much slower than getting it from RAM.

RAM Capacity vs. RAM Speed

RAM speed is expressed in megahertz (MHz), while RAM capacity is expressed in megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). Increasing the capacity of your RAM reduces the likelihood that you will use your hard drive to store temporary data. More RAM is better than quicker RAM, especially if you’re designing a low-cost PC.

What drawbacks come with upgrading RAM speed?

As higher frequency RAM is frequently overclocked to obtain those crazy figures, it may create RAM-related instability like crashes and freezes. In other words, while the higher speeds of some RAM are a flashy statistic, they may not improve the performance of most apps.

We’ve long believed that encouraging instability in the system for the sake of a little extra performance is counterproductive, even though this isn’t always the case especially considering how little extra performance you’ll see. For this reason, instead of offering higher speeds on most systems, we now provide DDR4-3200 or DDR5-5200.

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