Google updated Gmail with new features: Package tracking features and return policies


This is the season when people most enjoy going shopping. Buying for festive celebrations, self-care, and gifts. But keeping track of all those orders can be a pain, especially during the hectic holiday season when there is a spike in online sales. Google has therefore introduced several new features designed especially for Gmail users, improving their online holiday shopping experience, to lessen this load and streamline last-minute gift hunts.   

Package tracking is a new feature that Google added to Gmail in November of last year. It allows users to track packages and get updates on delivery without having to open emails. Now, if the delivery date changes, the app will move emails to the top of the inbox on its own.

On the Gmail Inbox page, the information will show up in orange beneath the subject line of the email on the main page. As users won’t need to search through their mailbox to find out how many days it will require for their delivery to arrive, this can be quite helpful.

Along with providing a link to the store’s return guidelines, the app will also notify the user of the package tracking card’s return policy. However, since it varies depending on the vendor, this information may not be offered for every product.

Google is also including a new filter that informs users if the item in question will arrive before December 24. This is another helpful feature for the American market. The ‘Get it by Dec 24’ filter on Google allows users to quickly organize items that will arrive before the holidays when they are searching for products.

A “Get it by Dec 24” filter has been introduced by Google for American shoppers, in recognition of the urgency associated with last-minute gifts. The purpose of this feature is to assist customers in narrowing down their search results and locating items that ship quickly. Both the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail support the feature.

Gmail users can use this feature by simply selecting the filter to view items that are eligible for fast shipping or that can be picked up at nearby stores. The filter also provides information on the merchant’s cheapest and fastest delivery option.

Gmail’s package tracking

Shopping emails will contain important delivery updates that can be seen on individual emails as well as in the inbox list view on desktop and mobile devices.

Gmail updates will also give priority to emails that contain tracking information about packages so that users can promptly learn about any modifications to their delivery dates. Through Gmail’s settings, users may either enable or disable the feature at any time.

You must manually enable package tracking in Gmail settings for it to work. Simply go to the “Settings” page and select the “Turn on package tracking” option to accomplish this.

You might have to wait a while before the aforementioned features become available on your account because they appear to be restricted to users in the United States right now. It is unclear if Google will expand these features to other regions.

Access Return Policy By Gmail

Gmail’s third feature facilitates users’ access to merchant return policies. When a package arrives in Gmail, the shopping-related emails on the mobile and desktop versions will have an easy-to-find link to the retailer’s return policies at the top. Furthermore, Gmail will also draw attention to the return policies found in all Google Search results, providing users with information like “free 90-day returns” on the products or vendor links while they shop.

Google wants to make online shoppers’ shopping experiences easier, so with the recent improvements in Gmail, they can easily access return policies and stay informed about package deliveries. Notably, this month’s rollout of these features is limited to Gmail users in the US.  Go to your Gmail settings and turn on package tracking and return policy links to activate them.

In the meantime, it is anticipated that Google update will soon make these features available to users in other regions in the upcoming months, in keeping with its plans to update its entire product line.

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