After the drug case, G-Dragon’s contract with YG Entertainment was renewed.


After the drug case, G-Dragon’s contract with YG Entertainment will be renewed. This development has shocked South Korea even more. It happened less than a week after “Parasite” star Lee Sun- Kyun became involved in a drug scandal due to allegations that he used drugs and other psychoactive substances. South Korea has stringent laws against illegal drugs, and even Koreans who legally use drugs abroad like marijuana run the risk of being prosecuted when they return home.

After dropping of charges against him in a drug case, G-Dragon has been the talk of the town. Rumors are circulating that he may decide to extend his current deal with YG Entertainment. June marked the end of his contract with the agency.

Big Bang’s management company, YG Entertainment, declined to comment on the scandal when contacted by the media, stating that the rapper is no longer connected to the label. A representative told the press, “It is challenging to publicly react as the artist is not currently signed with the label.”

YG Entertainment Is Available on G-Dragon

“It is challenging for us to confirm at this moment regarding reports of a renewed contract with G-Dragon,” YG Entertainment reportedly said in response to the rumors, as reported by Allkpop.

There had been earlier reports of a possible meeting for G-Dragon and Galaxy Corporation to discuss their exclusive contract. However, the business is scheduled to hold a press conference in Seoul on Thursday. In addition to discussing G-Dragon’s release from the drug charges, the conference will disclose his plans. It seems unlikely that G-Dragon will attend the event.

The Drugs Case

The police ruled BIG BANG’s G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Jiyong, innocent on Tuesday. Also closed is the case. The Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime research unit will not be looking into this case any further.

Reportedly, an arrest warrant was issued for an unidentified subject of the case. On December 20, the Incheon District Court will hold a suspect’s interrogation before their arrest.

“We found that there was no suspicion in the case of Mr. Kwon and concluded the investigation,” an officer stated. We have reapplied for an arrest warrant for an additional individual who is being looked into. A previous participant was detained and given an 18-month prison sentence for his alleged role as a go-between for investors and leads at the Burning Sun nightclub.

VIPs responded to the G-Dragon’s arrest on X with varying degrees of sadness, shock, and disbelief. Many people chastised YG for disregarding their former artists.

A user criticized the business for failing to back the rapper. No one should ever become a fan of an organization because their artists could suddenly lose their favor. They will act as though they don’t know them, even if artists spend the majority of their lives there, they wrote.

What’s Next

There were rumors that YG Entertainment had distanced itself from G-Dragon after his involvement in the drug case. “It can be challenging to respond formally as he is not right now an artist under our company,” they had stated to the media. Since the artist’s Big Bang debut, the agency has represented him. Before the drug case broke out, it was said that the singer had finished negotiations with Galaxy Corporation and was ready to make a decision.

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