Trump’s Presidential Bid in Jeopardy: Maine Blocks 2024 Ballot Access Over Capitol Riot


Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, has dealt a significant blow to Donald Trump’s potential 2024 presidential run, barring him from the state’s ballot. Citing a constitutional insurrection clause tied to Trump’s actions leading up to the US Capitol riot in 2021, Bellows’ decision underscores the growing legal challenges surrounding Trump’s eligibility. As Maine joins Colorado in restricting Trump from the ballot, all eyes turn to the US Supreme Court for a potentially pivotal ruling.

Trump Campaign’s Response and Legal Appeal

Immediate Pushback and Appeal

Unsurprisingly, the Trump campaign swiftly denounced the decision, labeling it “election interference.” The campaign, vowing to file a legal objection in state court, accused Bellows of partisanship and contested the legitimacy of the ruling. While the legal process plays out, the ban won’t take effect, setting the stage for a protracted legal battle.

14th Amendment at the Core: Insurrection Clause and Capitol Riot

Constitutional Grounds for Exclusion

Bellows’ 34-page ruling invokes the 14th Amendment, specifically its insurrection clause, as the basis for disqualifying Trump. The amendment, established after the Civil War, bars anyone involved in insurrection or rebellion from holding federal office. Bellows asserts that Trump’s false narrative of election fraud, culminating in the Capitol riot, aligns with the amendment’s prohibition.

Trump’s Actions Under Scrutiny

Bellows contends that Trump’s rhetoric over several months, reaching a climax on January 6, 2021, fueled a false narrative and directed supporters to the Capitol. She emphasizes that Trump’s occasional calls for peace during the riot do not absolve him of responsibility, asserting that he engaged in insurrection.

National Implications: Pressure on the Supreme Court

Maine Joins Colorado: Implications for Trump

With Maine joining Colorado in blocking Trump from the ballot, the pressure on the US Supreme Court intensifies. While Colorado typically votes Democratic, Maine’s competitive political landscape amplifies the significance of this decision, especially for Trump, the Republican frontrunner.

Broad Legal Landscape

Courts in several states, including Michigan and Minnesota, have grappled with attempts to bar Trump’s candidacy. The overarching question remains whether the Supreme Court will render a definitive judgment on Trump’s eligibility, considering the complexities of the 14th Amendment.

Trump’s Upcoming Legal Challenges and Criticisms

Ongoing Legal Battles

Apart from the Maine ruling, Trump faces federal court trials and legal scrutiny in Georgia related to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. Although not charged with inciting insurrection, these legal battles further complicate his political future.

Political and Legal Criticisms

Critics, including Trump’s Republican rivals and campaign spokespersons, question the impartiality of the decision, labeling it as a hyper-partisan move. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warns that Maine’s ruling could set a precedent for disqualifying President Joe Biden on immigration issues.


Unprecedented Decision and Political Fallout

Bellows’ ruling represents an unprecedented move to deny a presidential candidate ballot access based on the 14th Amendment. The legal and political ramifications are profound, setting the stage for a Supreme Court showdown that could shape the contours of Trump’s 2024 candidacy.

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