Finally getting engaged after 5 years of dating: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse


Now, Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are officially Announced

According to a source close to a major media outlet, the couple’s engagement announcement comes after five years of dating and represents a big turning point in their relationship. The couple’s desire to be married was also mentioned by the source. The celebrities have, however, tried to keep their relationship as secret as possible.

According to a person close to People, “They are engaged.” Both of them desire marriage. It holds significance for them. The source continued, calling Robert Pattinson’s relationship with Suki Waterhouse “amazing” and emphasizing how fortunate Pattinson feels. The actor is eager to become a father and is prepared for the duties of parenthood, according to the source. Suki Waterhouse is also said to exude happiness, as evidenced by her radiant complexion and seeming serenity.

When Waterhouse announced that she was expecting the audience in a lighthearted manner during her performance at a music festival in Mexico in November, the couple’s desire to become parents was made public. Suki humorously showed off her baby bump in a video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by taking off her fluffy coat. I’m especially shiny today because I thought it may divert your attention from something else that’s going on, the woman remarked.

The couple was observed enjoying a stroll in London, which sparked rumors of an impending engagement. Suki Waterhouse looked chic while flaunting her pregnancy glow with a black crop top wrapped over a relaxed jacket and shawl, as well as a stunning ring on her finger. Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, looked dapper in a face mask, his trademark ball cap, and a black sweatshirt. Despite the public appearance, neither star’s agents have responded to the latest rumors with formal remarks.

Adding Spice To The Rumors

At the Corona Cultural Capital Festival in Mexico last month, Waterhouse made her first public appearance as a pregnant woman. “I’m especially sparkling today because I felt it could detract you from another thing that’s going on,” she quipped in a video that was uploaded on X about her sparkly pink dress. To the joy of the gathering, then unzipped her fluffy coat to show off her expanding belly.

After a week, PEOPLE said that the married couple was overjoyed to have their baby on the way, saying, “A baby arriving is a complete blessing for them.” It has been rumored that Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse, a model turned musician, are planning and have their first kid together.

Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse Are Prepared to Welcome Parenthood

According to the insider, the couple has now become parents with their first child. “They are eager to become parents and are prepared for parenthood. They want this even though they are both highly productive professionals who earn a lot. They are thrilled because they’re aware that their lives will change.

When Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse made their red carpet debut at an Egyptian fashion show in December 2022, the public love story between them started. Suki Waterhouse revealed her satisfaction with Robert in an interview, that stated: “I’m surprised that I am so happy with somebody for nearly five years.” She went on to explain that their relationship was lively and that they both thought the other was funny and always had a lot to say.

After being seen on camera sharing a kiss in London in July 2018, Pattinson, 37, and Waterhouse, 31, began dating. When they went to the Dior Men Fall 2023 show in Giza, Egypt in December 2022, it was their first time walking the red carpet together.

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