Extensive Report Reveals Netflix Viewing Data for Over 18,000 Titles For the 1st Time


Extensive Report Reveals Netflix Viewing Data for Over 18,000

Netflix has released popularity statistics for over 18,000 titles over six months in a significant step towards transparency. The spy series “The Night Agent” topped the top-20 record with 812.1 million hours of view time. Almost 99 percent of all content viewed on Netflix was included in the viewership statistics for both original and licensed content that Netflix revealed in its first “What We Watched”.

Netflix has just published its first comprehensive viewership data report, which includes details on the most watched films and television series. 18,214 titles that are accessible on the platform are on the list; over 50,000 hours have been logged on each of them in the last six months.

Although the company already provides a list of its every month’s Top 10 titles, this report is more detailed and includes information on three key areas: the title’s release date, hours viewed, and global availability. It has been compiled over a longer period. 

The Data Transparency Of Netflix

The first of what Netflix promises will be regular reports, the company released international midyear viewers data for all titles on its service on Tuesday. With 812.1 million hours of watch time, Gabriel Basso’s The Night Agent leads the pack. It tells the story of a low-level FBI agent who becomes entangled in a significant government conspiracy.

Refusing to reveal viewership numbers, Netflix was followed by other big streaming services. At first, the creative community in Hollywood was grateful to be free from the broadcast and cable TV industry’s live-and-die Nielsen audience ratings.

The massive streaming service has started sharing more information. Its reporting includes weekly top 10 lists highlighting the most-watched films and TV series in English and other languages, as well as audience figures for a few popular titles.

Netflix has come under fire from authors and producers who claim the streaming service is hiding viewership statistics to avoid having to pay more for its most popular shows.

Ginny & Georgia season 2 comes in second place with 665.1 million hours watched, closely followed by the South Korean thriller Glory, which has 622.8 million hours. Even though Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega and based on the infamous Addams Family, was released in November of last year, it surpassed Stranger Things 4 at the time and amassed 507.7 million hours, placing it in fourth place on the list. With 503 million hours viewed, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story comes in fifth place.

After two strikes, actors and writers are now paid more for their work on streaming platforms; however, part of their compensation is dependent on US streaming services like Netflix disclosing more viewer data.

It is important to note, though, that Netflix did not use the algorithm it developed to measure “views” when listing the monthly Top 10s; instead, it compiled this list based on total hours viewed. To determine the overall amount of views, the business will subtract the hours viewed and separate it by the time of execution.

According to Netflix, this kind of in-depth report will be released twice a year. The next report, which will list the most popular titles from July to December, will be available for download as a spreadsheet. With a total of 46.3 million hours of viewing time, Rana Naidu season 1 is the only Indian entry between the top 400, and Netflix originals make up the majority of the sheet. 

“We think our industry and creators will gain more understanding into our audiences by combining the viewing data in this report with our weekly lists of the Top 10 and Most Popular.

One of the main issues throughout the Hollywood labor strikes was the lack of streamer data; writers and actors wanted remainders for reruns of the shows and films they had contributed to. When content was regularly aired on cable, it was simple to calculate; however, with the emergence of streaming services, those figures were no longer available.

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