A beginner’s guide on installing a CPU on a motherboard


You’ve probably already acquired all the necessary components if you’ve decided to start building your PC. If not, this is the moment to take action. To complete the procedures outlined in this article, all you need is the CPU and motherboard, but before you start this PC-building phase, let’s look at a few other items you might want to pick up:

Thermal Paste: Unless your CPU cooler has some applied already, you will require thermal paste after installing the CPU.

CPU Cooler: To prevent the CPU from overheating, you need a CPU cooler. You must have a CPU cooler of some type, either liquid or air and this is a must.

A compatible motherboard: Not every CPU is compatible with every motherboard available. Numerous CPUs are installed in various CPU sockets on the board, and for them to function, they also require specific chipsets.

Ryzen 7000 CPUs are only compatible with AM5 motherboards that use a 600 series chipset; on the other hand, Ryzen 1000 to 5000 CPUs are compatible with AM4 motherboards that use the 300, 400, or 500 series chipsets.

A spotless workspace: You don’t want anything to inadvertently fall into a CPU socket. Make sure there are no liquids or materials nearby that could harm the socket when performing this.

That concludes the prerequisites pretty much. While installing the CPU cooler typically calls for at least a screwdriver, installing the CPU alone can be done without one.

A step-by-step tutorial on installing a CPU

Before installing a new CPU in an already-built system, we advise removing the motherboard. Additionally, while the instructions for PGA sockets like AM4 and AM3 are somewhat different, the pictures in this post are for LGA-style sockets like LGA 1700 and AM5.

When you locate the CPU socket on the motherboard, the metal arm that is attached to the socket enclosure adjacent to the socket is the first thing you see.

All you have to do to release the metal frame protecting the CPU socket on motherboards with LGA 1700 and AM5 is lift this arm sufficiently. Ensure that this arm is pointing straight up for AM4 motherboards.

The CPU must then be inserted into the motherboard’s CPU socket. It is recommended that you handle the CPU by touching just its sides. Steer clear of touching any motherboard or CPU pins. Thankfully, you can usually find an indicator on the CPU and the socket to assist with correct alignment.

How a CPU is installed

It’s time to install the CPU cooler and place this hardware assembly inside the case after you’ve finished installing the CPU and all the other essential parts on the motherboard, like the RAM and the SSD. After that, all you need to do to finish assembling your PC is install the GPU and plug in some cables.

We used an Intel Core i5-12600K CPU to demonstrate the methods, but practically all popular processors may be used with very comparable results. For enthusiast processors like AMD Threadrippers and Intel Xeon CPUs, it’s a little different, but if you’re working with such chips in the first place, you probably already know how to install a CPU.

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