Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Pallavi Prashanth declared winner, his fans attack runner-up Amardeep Choudhary’s Vehicle severely


Bigg Boss Telugu 7 ended dramatically on December 17, after captivating viewers for 105 days. This season was full of drama and controversy, and it gained a lot of attention for introducing the strange concept of Ulta Pulta. But it appears that the program came to an end and made stories for yet another controversy.

On Sunday, Bigg Boss Telugu 7’s grand finale was hosted by Nagarjuna. Pallavi Prashanth, the “common man” contestant, was revealed to have won the Bigg Boss trophy before the show’s debut. Just like they do every year, a large number of fans came to the “Annapurna Studios” sets to watch the contestants arrive. 

Pallavi Prashanth, a YouTuber and farmer’s son, made history by becoming the first winner from the common man categories to win Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7. Amardeep Chowdary, a television actor, finished second in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.

Large visitors of contestant fans gathered outside the studio. Supporters of Pallavi Prashanth were seen causing damage to other competitors’ cars and getting into fights with other competitors’ fans.

When the last episode showed up, everyone found out that serial actor Amardeep had placed second behind Pallavi Prashanth as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. Many of the contestants’ fans came together to see the winner and the other contestants after the announcement. This resulted in a fight between the fans of the contestants at Annapurna Studios, where the show was being filmed, which had been going on for a few days.

The celebrations of Pallavi Prashanth’s fans damaged the cars of the other competitors and destroyed government property. The two fan groups were observed starting an argument between themselves that turned into physical fighting. They verbally attacked one another, pushing, punching, and shoving. 

When Amardeep came out of the house, there was an aggressive crowd gathered around his car. They attempted to assault, smashing the car windows and yelling insults at Amardeep to come out. The fans were attacking the car windows, and Amardeep’s mother Rupa, and wife Tejaswini Gowda, who was in the car, were seen looking terrified.

Even though the studios had police protection, some of the people in attendance attacked the contestants’ cars. After losing to Pallavi, Amardeep, the season’s runner-up, and his family attempted to convince people to let them through. However, the attackers not only targeted his car, in which his family was present.

Amardeep was Unaffected by the Incident

Actor Amardeep seemed unbothered by the terrifying experience when he celebrated with his fans later that evening. He even performed a cake cutting, danced to the beat of dhol, and enthralled his supporters with wild cheers during the occasion.

Geetu Royal and Ashwini, two former contestants, were also present at the Sunday grand finale. Not only Amardeep, but people posing as Pallavi’s fans even vandalized their cars. Geethu and Ashwini both brought complaints to the Jubilee Hills police station.

Three weeks ago, Ashwini was eliminated. She told iDream Media, “We were informed there was going to be a mob outside after the finale, so we waited a few hours for everyone to clear out before we left.” The cops were unable to maintain control due to the huge number of people present. I regret that my car was broken into because I worked so hard to purchase it.

Pallavi Prashanth after lifting the trophy

Pallavi Prashanth received a cheque for Rs 35 lakh as payment. The winner’s cash prize was originally set at 50 lakhs, but that amount was reduced when Prince Yawar accepted an offer of 15 lakhs. 

Pallavi Prashanth was given a cheque for Rs 15 lakhs by Joyalukkas in addition to the financial award. He used the money to purchase a diamond necklace and an opulent Breeza car. The host of the show, Akkineni Nagarjuna, presented the winner with the trophy from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.

Of the top six contestants, Nagarjuna Reddy Ambati (Arjun) was the first to exit the house, followed in fifth place by Priyanka Jain. When Prince Yawar left he was in fourth place after accepting an unexpected Rs. 15 lakh offer from the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 organizers.

Third place went to Sivaji, the house’s Chanakya. Pallavi Prashanth and Amardeep Chowdary were the final two contestants; Amardeep Chowdary came Bigg Boss Telegu very close to taking home the trophy for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.

By the end of the show, everybody had come out against the actions of Pallavi Prashanth’s stated fans because they were observed personally attacking and contacting family members, which was viewed as inappropriate by all online users.

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