AI is Introducing New Technology With the AI Death Calculator, It Predicts When You Will Die


While most people aren’t particularly interested in knowing when they’ll pass away, a recently created AI death Calculator is now able to forecast a person’s death date with uncannily precise accuracy.

“We AI technology to examine people’s lives by portraying each individual as the series of events that transpire in their lives,” lead author Sune Lehmann told The New York Post in December 2023 about their study, “Using a sequence of life events to anticipate human lives.”

The “life2vec” algorithm is presented by an instructor studying networks and complicated systems at the Technical University of Denmark, with other collaborators. This AI death calculator predicts life expectancy with the use of particular life details, including salary, profession, location, and medical history.

What Researchers Said

“We used to put forward that in certain areas, lifestyle for humans has something in common with words, that is said Lahmann” This is a language which is we used and follow”

In contrast to ChatGPT, the incessantly buzzing bot that tech experts use to land dream jobs or create picture-perfect outfits, life2vec closely examines each person’s personal history to determine life outcomes.

According to Lehmann, “this model can predict virtually anything,” and he told The Post that his research team had also utilized a specialized program to predict people’s decisions to travel abroad and their personalities.

“We estimated death as it’s something that individuals have worked for many decades,” he explained.

From 2008 to 2020, Lehmann’s team examined a heterogeneous population of 6 million Danes of various ages and genders. According to the reports, they used life2vec to identify people who were likely to live for at least four years after January 1, 2016.

The large size of our data set makes it possible to build sequence-level illustrations of individual life paths, which detail how every individual moves through time,” the report states.

Detail About AI Death Prediction

Al death calculator was given clear and concise information by the researchers about each participant, such as “Hermione took five elective classes during her third year at secondary boarding school” or “In September 2012, San Francisco got 20,000 Danish kroner as a guard at a castle in Elsinore.”

They then allocated unique digital tokens to classify every data point individually. A forearm fracture, for instance, was coded as 552; employment at a tobacco shop, as reported, was coded as IND4726; revenue was represented by 100 distinct digital tokens; and “postpartum hemorrhage” was coded as 072.

With over 75% accuracy, life2vec projected deaths by 2020 using the information provided. The research suggests that several factors, including sex, diagnoses of mental illness, and skilled professions, may be associated with earlier death. On the other hand, longer lifespans were linked to higher earnings and leadership positions. Participants weren’t told their estimated dates of death, according to Lehmann, who spoke with The NY Post.

For now, neither corporations nor the general public can access the bot. The researcher suggests that if it is made widely available in the future, AI death calculator is unlikely to be used to directly inform people when writing insurance agreements or hiring decisions.

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