Apple New Watch Coming with the Features of Blood pressure measuring and Sleep Apnea monitoring In 2024


Apple is getting ready to release the next repetition of its Watch series, which will revolutionize home health monitoring. A recent report has revealed many innovative features that will be included in the Apple Watch Series 10, which is expected to be released the following year. Among these new features is the capacity to detect hypertension and sleep disturbances. These features represent a significant improvement in at-home health monitoring and might help in the diagnosis of hypertension and sleep apnea.

The upcoming 10th-generation Apple Watch might come with some revolutionary health-related features, such as sleep apnea detection and blood pressure monitoring. The Power on newsletter from Mark Gurman claims that a significant redesign will be included in the 2024 Apple Watch lineup to increase its appeal to

According to the report, at least one Apple Watch will feature a substantial redesign. It’s unclear at this time whether Apple plans to redesign the regular versions, which come in two sizes, or the pricier Ultra watch.

The upcoming watch, considered in the 10th-anniversary model, is rumored to be thinner and lighter, and it may also use a new magnetic mechanism for the straps. Along with a redesign, these watches should include a variety of new health-related features, like the capacity to identify sleep apnea, precisely measure blood pressure, and control hypertension.

It is anticipated that the company will incorporate novel software-driven functionalities and fresh watch faces featuring exclusive complications in the next version. Apple is expected to reveal the 10th generation smartwatch and the iPhone 16 series in September 2024. In addition, it is anticipated that the company will redesign the entire iPad range in 2024, beginning with the iPad Pro series, which is anticipated to have an enhanced Magic Keyboard, a larger OLED screen, a potent M3 processor, and a new design.

Elevated Blood Pressure Detection

A basic blood pressure sensor will be available in the Apple Watch Series 10, which is a crucial step toward making health monitoring available to more people. A basic blood pressure sensor is one of the upcoming Apple Watch’s noteworthy features. This novel feature is anticipated to make use of near-infrared spectroscopy, a method that uses near-infrared light to analyze blood flow and measure changes in blood pressure. 

If hypertension is suspected, users should seek professional medical advice as advised by this crucial early warning system. It acts as an essential marker for additional medical research, guaranteeing prompt attention to possible health issues.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Provide Accurate Sleep Apnea Monitoring

Apple Watch will offer accurate diastolic and systolic readings that resemble those from a conventional cuff. These sophisticated versions may also come with a blood pressure journal so that users can track changes and spikes over time, giving them even more control. Apple hopes to give consumers the resources they need to take charge of their health by providing this all-encompassing perspective.

An additional level of health monitoring is provided by the sleep apnea detection feature of the Apple Watch Series 10. This feature is excellent at identifying common signs of sleep disturbances, such as movement, breathing rate, snoring, and heart rate, but it may not be able to completely replace traditional sleep studies involving intricate brain activity monitoring. 

The watch will alert users to anomalies and recommend that they seek formal evaluation from a healthcare provider. Pre-screening from home can help people who are reluctant to participate in sleep studies, which frequently involve spending uncomfortable nights in a hospital equipped with a variety of sensors and devices.

Apple continues to innovate with its AirPods. The company is developing a feature for AirPods that will combine music enjoyment and hearing aids into a single device. Additionally, a feature that allows users to test their hearing at home is being developed, making it simple to evaluate their hearing health.

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