Over a hundred Killed in Ethnic Attacks in Nigeria’s Plateau State: A Trescalation



In a coronary heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on May 15-16, 2023, over one hundred lives were misplaced in an appalling assault in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. The violence, perpetrated by means of Fulani herders towards villagers, has left families shattered and communities traumatised. This article delves into the awful information of the tragedy, its ancient context, and the pressing need for peace and justice.

The Conflict: A Decades-Long Struggle

The battle among predominantly Christian farmers and Fulani herders in Central and North-West Nigeria has deep roots. These clashes revolve around getting entry to essential resources, inclusive of land and water. For years, violence has erupted inside the form of brutal assaults on villages, regularly caused via reprisals and long standing grievances. The authorities’ reaction has been insufficient, and arrests have been few and some distance between.

The Trigger: A Banana Plantation and Unfathomable Loss

The spark that ignited the recent massacre changed into reputedly innocuous a farmer’s livestock unfavourable to a Fulani guy’s banana plantation. Yet, this seemingly minor incident escalated into a horrifying bloodshed, claiming the lives of innocent men, girls, and youngsters. Houses were set ablaze, vegetation destroyed, and households torn apart.

The Attacks: Darkness Descends

At 2:00 AM local time on May 15, 2023, Fulani gunmen descended upon multiple villages, which included Kubwat and Fungi. The toll changed into devastating: 28 lives were lost in Kubwa and nine in Fungjai. Women and youngsters had been among the victims, their lives brutally cut short by way of assailants wielding weapons and machetes. The aftermath left a scarred panorama of burnt homes and shattered dreams.

Government Response and Community Outcry

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong condemned the massacre, vowing to convey the perpetrators to justice. A 24-hour curfew became imposed, however locals criticised its effectiveness. The House of Representatives member for Mangu LGA, Solomon Maren, decried the administration’s failure to save you from such assaults. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) echoed the pain, reporting over 130 deaths and tremendous destruction. Activist Joseph Gwankat envisioned the demise toll to be even higher, with hundreds displaced and villages reduced off from aid.

Urgent Calls for Peace

As the sector mourns the lives misplaced, we must increase the voices calling for peace. The violence in Plateau State is a stark reminder of the pressing need for talk, reconciliation, and effective safety features. Let us stand together, disturbing and cease this cycle of bloodshed and a future in which banana plantations aren’t harbingers of tragedy.


The blood-soaked soil of Mangu LGA cries out for justice. We should keep in mind the faces of these lost, honour their reminiscence, and work tirelessly to prevent further atrocities. The international watches, and our collective humanity demands movement. May the sufferers relaxation in peace, and might their sacrifice ignite a motion toward lasting peace in Nigeria.

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