PM Modi give tribute on DKDM Founder Vijayakanth ji’s Death


Prime Minister Condoles on DMDK Vijayakanth’s Death

Today, Thursday, December 28, at a private hospital in Chennai, Tamil actor and DMDK chairman Vijayakanth passed away.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi honored tribute to DMDK founder Vijayakanth, describing him as a close friend, a political icon, and a legend in the Tamil cinema industry. After being admitted to Miot Hospital with pneumonia, Vijayakanth passed away there. He had a positive Covid-19 test as well. We are deeply saddened by Thiru Vijayakanth Ji’s demise.

Millions of people were moved by his captivating performances, which elevated him to legendary status in the Tamil film industry. As a political leader, he significantly improved public service and altered Tamil Nadu’s political landscape. It will be difficult to fill the emptiness left by his demise.

I have happy memories of my contact with him over the years; he was a close friend. My sympathies are with his family, admirers, and many followers during this difficult time. PM Modi tweeted, “Om Shanti.”

Rahul Gandhi Also Joins

Politician Rahul Gandhi expressed his sympathies to his loved ones and followers while honoring his contributions to both politics and film. We are deeply devastated by Thiru Vijayakanth ji’s passing, the founder of DMDK.

PM Posted on Twitter About Vijayakanth Ji

“Very sad by the passing away of Thiru Vijayakanth Ji,” PM Modi wrote in a post on X, the erstwhile Twitter. Millions of people became captivated by his inspiring performances, which boosted his legendary status in the Tamil film industry. He made a significant contribution to public service as a political leader and changed Tamil Nadu’s political climate for the better, the prime minister added.

“His death creates a void that will be difficult to fill,” he continued. I have happy memories of my contact with him over the years; he was a close friend. My sympathies are with his family, admirers, and many followers during this difficult time. Om Shanti.

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu posted a lengthy post on X, saying, “I paid my last respects to my dear friend, National Democratic Democratic Association President Captain Vijayakanth.”

According to Stalin, Vijayakanth is a diligent worker who has achieved success in the film profession and public life. He is also a kind man with a good heart. As a performer, president of the actor’s union, head of a political party, lawmaker, opposition leader, etc.

After learning of his passing, supporters, politicians, and performers from the business sent their sincere condolences. Supporters of DMDK lament the passing of actor and leader of DMDK Captain Vijayakanth.

On December 28, Vijayakanth passed away in a private hospital in Chennai. As his condition worsened, he was transferred to Chennai’s MIOT Hospital. According to the hospital, Vijayakanth was admitted with pneumonia and was on ventilator support.

Vijayakanth’s party had earlier in the day claimed that he was diagnosed positive for COVID and was placed on a ventilator because of respiratory problems; however, the hospital bulletin stated that he was fighting pneumonia. The party released that statement ahead of the results of the second batch of tests were known, hospital sources told PTI.

Vijayakanth’s filmography

Before entering politics, Vijayakanth acted in 154 motion pictures. Some of his films include Vaidehi Kathirunthal, Amman Kovil Kizhaale, Perarasu, Sethupathu IPS, Kannupada Poguthaiya, Chatriyan, Narasimha, Ramana, and Captain Prabhakaran.

Vijayakanth in the political industry

  • Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazgam was established in 2005 by Vijayakanth.
  • DMDK ran for every assembly seat in 2006, but its results were dismal.
  • In 2011, the DMDK successfully contested 26 out of the 41 seats it sought, with the AIADMK.
  • In 2011, the DMDK became the main opposition party after gaining more seats than the DMK.
  • Vijayakanth leads the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu Legislature from 2011 to 2016
  • After the DMDK’s separation from the AIADMK, many DMDK MLAs tendered their resignations.

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