Ukraine’s Strike on Russian Ship: Impact Amidst Conflict


In the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, a recent explosion targeting Russia’s Novocherkassk landing ship stands as a symbol of resilience for Ukraine. The air strike on this vessel in occupied Crimea has stirred both Ukraine-Russia conflict discussions and hope within the Ukrainian corridors. However, amidst this dramatic event, the pertinent question remains: Does this attack hold significant weight in the larger scope of the conflict?

A Symbolic Boost for Ukraine

The sight of Russia’s Novocherkassk landing ship engulfed in an air strike acted as a much-needed morale booster for Kyiv. With Russia’s recent advancements and wavering support from the West, this strike provided a momentary surge of hope for Ukraine’s forces.

Analyzing the Strategic Impact

Alina Frolova, a former Ukrainian deputy defense minister, contextualizes the attack within a larger strategic framework. While some might perceive targeting a battleship as less pivotal, Frolova emphasizes viewing it as part of a comprehensive strategy. She highlights how this strike contributes to Ukraine’s ongoing efforts to disrupt Russian supply routes to Crimea, thus weakening Moscow’s hold on the peninsula since its annexation in 2014.

Disrupting Supply Routes and Military Capabilities

The destruction of Russia’s Black Sea Naval Fleet by 20% since the invasion’s onset, mainly through the deployment of long-range Storm Shadow missiles from the West, significantly hampers Russia’s naval capabilities. This limits its ability to conduct missile strikes and amphibious attacks from the sea, subsequently unblocking ports like Odesa for Ukrainian and international cargo ships.

Strategic Importance of the Strike

The attack in Feodosia showcases Ukraine’s Air Force operating amidst Russian air defenses, disrupting key supply vessels crucial for ammunition and drone delivery. Serhiy Kuzan, from the Ukrainian Security and Co-operation Centre think-tank, highlights the impact on Crimea’s supply lines, forcing Moscow to seek alternative means of provision due to prior damage inflicted on the Kerch Bridge.

The Broader Strategic Landscape

Kuzan underscores the interconnectedness of Crimea with the southern parts of Ukraine, stressing that the battles on the front lines are intertwined with the situation in Crimea. He remains optimistic that disrupting Russia’s air superiority and supply lines could potentially tilt the conflicts in Ukraine’s favor, mirroring past instances where invading forces retreated across the Dnipro river.

The Challenges and the Long Game

However, the path to Crimea remains formidable, considering Russia’s dominant presence and control over various territories. President Volodymyr Zelensky faces the pressing challenge of balancing Ukraine’s strategic goals with the expectations of faster outcomes from Western allies, who seek swift returns on their aid investments.


Ukraine’s strike on the Russian ship is not merely a singular event but a calculated move within a broader strategy. While it might not drastically alter the immediate landscape, it symbolizes Ukraine’s resilience and strategic persistence in disrupting Russian advancements, playing the long game to make Crimea’s occupation untenable for Moscow.


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