Sriya Reddy Shared Her Journey In Salaar And Said “Prabhas is a secure actor”.


Sriya Reddy’s words on her recent movie

Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire is ruled by all men, but yet there’s also a women force that resists that, demands respect, and even outmaneuvers the guys. We are speaking of Sriya Reddy, who portrays the evil Radha Rama Mannar, who is the daughter of Raja Mannar and briefly holds power in Khansaar.

The talk of the town ever since the film’s premiere has been her incredible performance. Sriya talks candidly about everything from her decision to return to Telugu film following 2006’s Amma Cheppindi to the reasons for her passion for her part in Salaar.

Prashanth Neel, Prabhas, and Prithviraj’s most recent release Salaar: Part 1-Ceasefire made the box office crazy. Sriya Reddy is a woman who stands as tall as each of these men in the middle of all of this.

She plays Radha Rama Mannar, Raja Mannar’s daughter, who took control of Khansaar while her father was away on business. She has received a lot of recognition for her acting, sense of style, and appearance, and now the actress has talked about her process going into the movie.

What Sriya Reddy said about her role

She stated in a recent interview that she was convinced to return to Telugu cinema by filmmaker Prashanth Neel. She revealed that he had assured her that her part would be unique, and he had been right.

She emphasizes that for her character to appear in that scene in the movie, there had to be a lot of meetings and phone conversations. She anticipated attention, but she wasn’t prepared for the level of affection she received from the public and the business.

Sriya, who has been an actor for over 16 years, thinks that the film industry has advanced significantly. She remembered that when she first started, people advised her that playing powerful characters wouldn’t gain her starring roles. But, she disregarded their advice and found a new way to express herself.

Sriya Reddy Talks About Prabhas

She recalled her time on the Salaar sets and said she went to tell Prabhas that she would be reducing his screen time, and he was fine with it. She described him as a very secure actor and one of the kindest people on the planet.

Prashanth Neel Convince Sriya Reddy for her role

In an interview, Sriya recently revealed details about the film and, more importantly, how Neel convinced her to work on the project. The assignment for Salaar, she says, came to her when she was happy to travel and engage in other things and was “not excited about doing films again.

“As she states in the same interview, she was having a good time in a Swiss chocolate factory when Prashanth Neel phoned her to discuss the movie and her role. Her reply was one that some may describe as “gold.”

According to reports, Prashanth Neel demanded that Sriya Reddy portray the role and would need half a year to rewrite the script. Sriya’s reluctance lingered, though, even though he called her often to update her on the project’s status and make sure she remained optimistic.

“I was about to think of a reason to back out of the project, but Prashanth cut me off with, ‘Trust me, this is going to be special.'” After the two practiced a few photo shoots and were able to get the look that Sriya Reddy would wear in the film, she eventually agreed.

Director Neel has created a new world that is similar to Mad Max Fury Road and Game of Thrones. In addition to the seven equally important characters in the film, Prabhas and Prithviraj Kumar are two of the most important ones.

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