Computer technology and Impact on Student Engagement


Computer technology and Impact on Student Engagement

In today’s world of education system, Technology is the best outcome source for better result, for the digital technology that implement the best possible curriculum courses. Student engagement towards new technology in the classroom gives teachers a priceless chance to improve student participation and academic achievement. Students can explore extracurricular activities and creativity with the new features of technology trends. 

Through the high-order thinking processes, student engagement is involved in the technology development in today’s generation with participation in learning, and synthesizing information from multiple sources.

Social Media also develops student engagement by influencing different aspects of activities and making them engage with other people. Various ways of technology implementation facilitate the learning system with the greater use of knowledge and innovative practices that focus the environment that enchanting learning management which allows student engagement. 

With the passing years, the Technologists and other educational departments tried hard to understand and implement the more tragically involved technology methods. Many Teachers invest their time in creating fresh approaches to imparting knowledge in a way that is beneficial to every student as time goes on and the educational system develops. 

With the help of Computer-based technology has been involved in many aspects of every student engagement to enhance study methods. Somewhere and somehow there is doubt regarding how computer-based technology is involved in Student engagement and how it is impactful for students and teachers. 

Engagement is a crucial process in a student’s life is this why the educational community is now focusing heavily on strategies for integrating technological tools into the classroom as a result of the increasing use of technology in today’s society.


development plays a key role in student engagement while implementing the methods of computer-based technology and Information communications and technology that has profound the social capital, and relationships, and fulfill the communication gap between the students. 

Although it is commonly known that interacting with people can encourage motivation and deep learning, there are other beneficial learning opportunities when interacting with machines and digital artifacts. Technological development in the classroom, it is the best possible outcome for perceiving the features of a certain technology that are interesting and helpful for their education,

With the transformation of today’s digital trends many classrooms, and students use digital platforms for their doubts clarification and to obtain different fields of knowledge, that will make good human perspective with the help of technological strategies. 

Engaging students in the process enhances their design skills, helps them finish sometimes difficult tasks, develops their critical thinking abilities, and helps them complete many assignments that are required of them while involving other students. 

With the help of Technology engagement even with all of the learning that occurred during the pandemic. Students created projects and submitted them for assessment with the proper help and guidance of new technology. When they feel that an object of technology has exciting features that can help their learning, students are more likely to accept the innovation and use it to advance their knowledge of the course material. 

With the help of adaptability of influencing the ease of usage usually brings learning ability to the effects of technology that engage the education system to the next level and smart way of teaching with the help of modern technology.

However, Technology development and methods are equally important for the students as the studies do, sometimes it will make a bad impact also by misusing sites and social media platforms. But if everyone knows how to implement the right use of technology then it is a good source of knowledge that not only involves engagement but also affects the advancement and development and making human interactions with modern trends and digital twin technology.

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