Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan Cover Their faces When They Appear together for the First Time After Marriage. 


Arbaaz Khan Got Married To Shura Khan

Actor Arbaaz Khan married makeup artist Shura Khan on December 24 in a private wedding that took place at his sister Arpita Khan Sharma’s Mumbai residence. The pair now made their public debut after the wedding when they were seen driving through the city.

Salman Khan and his family were present at Arpita Khan’s residence for Arbaaz and Shura’s nikah. Arbaaz uploaded pictures of himself and his bride on Instagram shortly after the wedding. The actor Arbaaz Khan was spotted tightly holding sharia as they posed for photos.

Arbaaz was wed to Malaika Arora. They had a 19-year marriage. After being married in 1998, the couple filed for divorce in May 2017 after breaking up in March 2016. Arhaan is their shared son. Giorgia Andriani was also briefly dated by the actor.

Arbaaz Khan And Shura Khan Spotted

After his second marriage, Arbaaz Khan was first observed, but he opted to avoid the photographers. In a small wedding ceremony on Sunday, the actor wed makeup artist Shura Khan.

But when the couple saw each other for the first time after getting married, they declined to pose for photographers. Arbaaz and Shura were seen driving in Mumbai in a now-viral video.

The star shared pictures from the small ceremony to confirm the good news of his marriage. When the paparazzi initially spotted Arbaaz, the actor opted to stay out of the spotlight.

Arbaaz was seen grinning broadly in a video that was posted to a paparazzo’s account as he attempted to sidestep the camera, and Shura covered her face with her hand while wearing a cap to obstruct the cameramen’s view of their faces.

While Shura sat in the passenger seat, the actor operated the vehicle. When Arbaaz noticed the cameras, he turned around, buried his face below the wheel, and resumed driving. Not just Arbaaz was eschewing the cameras.

Although Arbaaz was beaming from ear to ear, he made an effort to cover his face below the wheel. And Shura covered her face. She accessorized her pink casual ensemble with a similar cap to complete the ensemble. The photographers found it challenging to capture a good picture of their faces as a result.

Arbaaz Khan Shares His Wedding Pictures

After the wedding, Arbaaz engaged fans and followers with their wedding pictures of him and his wife on his official Instagram account. Arbaaz matched his bride Shura’s floral peach-colored lehenga by donning a floral bandh gala and beige slacks for their big day.

Arbaaz Khan shared pictures from his wedding with his wife Shura Khan on social media on December 24. “In front of our loved ones, my partner and I are starting an eternity of love and together today!” wrote Arbaaz. On this memorable day, we truly appreciate your blessings and well wishes.”

He stated, “In enjoying a group of our loved ones, and begin the journey of love together beginning this day on!” beside the photographs. We need all of your best wishes and blessings on our special day!”

At the event were Raveena Tandon, Riddhima Pandit, Varun Sharma, Riteish Deshmukh, and Genelia Deshmukh in addition to Arbaaz’s parents, Salim Khan and Sushila Charak.

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