Samsung, Huawei set to Release Foldable tablets to AI smartphones in 2024


The South Korean company, which has released five flagship Galaxy Z Fold models, currently holds the lion’s share of the foldable market. As to a report in the news, Samsung is redirecting its focus towards producing affordable foldables beginning in 2019.

Reportedly, Huawei is also preparing to launch affordable foldable phones in the first part of 2019. It is expected that additional manufacturers of Android devices will follow suit. Two phones that have triple-foldable screens are also expected to be formally released in 2019.

Samsung and Huawei intend to introduce foldable phones at more affordable pricing into the mid-range market. A triple-foldable screen phone is being developed by Huawei, the company that historically dominated the foldable phone market. It is anticipated to launch before March of the following year. Two phones with triple-foldable screens are expected to be available in 2024.

Innovative foldable phones have been produced by Android smartphone makers in recent months. More than 13 foldable smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Oppo Find N3, OnePlus Open, Huawei Mate X5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5, were unveiled in just three months.

The tech industry has had a very exciting year in 2023, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Several significant releases in 2024 are expected to completely change how we use and interact with technology, so be ready for that.


Launch of the Apple iPhone 16 Series and Vision Pro

The iPhone 16 series, which is anticipated to make its debut in September 2024, is gaining anticipation. Apple plans to release a new cooling system, and rumors indicate that to prevent overheating, the Pro model’s battery shells may be made of metal. After the recent debut of the periscope lens, the potential of integrating a tetraprism lens inside the iPhone 16 Pro adds another level of excitement.

Apple introduced its revolutionary AR/VR platform, Vision Pro, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. With its distinct floating icon set in a mixed-reality setting, Vision Pro follows users’ gazes to facilitate interaction without requiring controllers. Though it hasn’t yet reached the market, tech aficionados are excitedly anticipating Vision Pro’s release in 2019.

Upgrades to the Samsung Galaxy S24 AI

Samsung intends to unveil the AI-rich Galaxy S24 in January 2024. Leaked photos show a flatter form with thicker sides, suggesting a move away from curved screens. According to rumors, the Galaxy S24 series will include three devices: the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. These devices will all include enhancements to their processors and cameras, among other things.

Revolutionary Ultra-Wideband Headphones

Ultra-wideband (UWB) headphones could bring about a change in the audio world in 2024. USB headphones might be released next year; they provide a higher-quality audio output than headphones that connect via Bluetooth.

According to Slash Gear, PSB Speaker is working with MQA and Sonical to introduce the first UWB speakers in Q1 2024. These speakers promise greater resolution sound quality at up to 24-bit/192 kilohertz.

Laptop & Phone Foldable

In the upcoming year, tech companies are extending their foldable reach into tablets. It’s said that Google, Apple, and Samsung are developing foldable tablets. Google’s foldable Pixel tablet may be the main attraction at Google I/O 2024, according to speculations. Even though Samsung has officially stated that it is developing a foldable tablet, Apple might still surprise us with one as well.

The lowest cost of foldable phones is expected to decrease to CNY 3,659 in 2023, according to the research. In 2024, if more companies provide more expensive models, the adoption of foldable phones could pick up speed.

By the end of 2023, exports of smartphones that fold might reach 18.3 million, a 43 percent increase from the previous year. In 2024 smartphones are expected to be a 38% growth or over 25.2 million units. Approximately 5% of the global smartphone market might be represented by shipments of 70 million handsets by 2027.

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