By The New Android Virus Infected Many Devices

Installed 330k times on Google Play is a new strain of the Xamalicious Android virus.

New Delhi, Dec 28 Researchers have identified an Android backdoor named 'Xamalicious', which has infected approximately 338,300 devices via malicious apps on Google Play. Computer security software company McAfee discovered 14 infected apps on Google Play, with three having 100,000 installs each, reports Bleeping Computer.

Approximately 338,300 devices have been attacked by a previously unidentified Android backdoor called "Xamalicious" through malicious apps on Google Play, the official software store for Android. App Defense Alliance member McAfee found 14 malicious apps on Google Play, three of which had 100,000 installs each. Users who downloaded the applications after mid-2020 may still have active Xamalicious infections on their phones, necessitating manual scans and cleanup, even though the apps have been taken down from Google Play.

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By Cali Crystal             May 19, 2020

Xamalicious also performs ad fraud on infected devices

Initiatives like the App Defense Partnership seek to identify and eliminate new risks that surface on the app store, even if Google Play is not immune to malware submissions.

Android users should avoid downloading apps from third-party sources, limit themselves to essential apps, thoroughly read user reviews before installation, and conduct a comprehensive background check on the app's developer