iPhone is Showing Disabled While We Connect to the iTunes

The Apple "iPhone is not working. The "Connect to iTunes" problem prevents you from unlocking the device until you follow certain instructions. Here's how to resolve this problem.

You may be taken aback when you first discover that your iPhone is disabled. Many users are unsure of the nature of this problem, which prevents you from accessing your contacts, media, apps, messages, and other things on your smartphone. Before you may get these contents back, you must unlock the phone.

If you see "iPhone is disabled" when you pick up your phone. You must follow certain instructions to unlock the device after selecting "Connect to Apple iTunes." This tutorial focuses on the steps you must take, whether using iTunes or not, to restore your cherished iPhone.

You might have to wait anything from five to sixty minutes before attempting to unlock your phone with your passcode. But not everyone can use this approach as outlined by Apple, the company that develops iOS applications. You can now learn how to resolve the issue on your iOS smartphone device that says, "iPhone is disabled.

Why is my iPhone disabled?

Your iPhone's screen turns black when you lock it using the side lock button, and any attempt to unlock the device is met with the lock screen. You can use Touch ID, facial recognition, or the correct passcode to access it. An account password for Windows users is comparable to the passcode for iPhones. On iOS phones, however, there is no "profile for user," so you should be the only one with access to your device. Your iPhone will disable itself as a security precaution in the event that it detects an incorrect passcode attempt.

After several unsuccessful attempts to unlock your phone, it will automatically disable itself for a certain period. It goes without saying that if the phone is just temporarily disabled, the notification will indicate how long you have to wait before attempting to unlock it.

How to fix Your “iPhone is disabled

In the best-case situation, a disabled iPhone lets you to wait and unlock it at a later time. On the passcode entry screen, it indicates how long you have to wait. The number of unsuccessful tries determines how many minutes are changed. Every time you enter the wrong passcode into your iPhone, you'll notice that the wait time grows longer. Your device will be permanently disabled if you input the incorrect passcode ten times in a row. We hate to notify you that your only option in this situation is to wait. As of this writing, there are no genuine methods to go around or accelerate this counter.

If you input the erroneous passcode ten times in a row, your iPhone will become deactivated. This implies that until you connect to iTunes on a Mac or PC, you won't be able to attempt to unlock your phone again. You'll need to use a Mac or PC to connect to iTunes after your phone reaches this stage. By doing this, you will be able to choose to recover or restore all of your device's data.

There’s a possibility that your iPhone won’t connect to iTunes in a disabled state, making it impossible to restore it using the steps above. In this case, you need to restore your iPhone with iCloud.