Brazilian crime boss: From negotiation to isolation


Bargaining for Arrest: The Isolation of a Brazilian Crime Leader

In a dramatic twist of opportunity, a top Brazilian crime boss reveals himself remotely behind prison walls after orchestrating his personal arrest. This gripping saga is set against the backdrop of Brazil’s infamous underworld, where drug trafficking, turf wars and energy battles dominate the headlines.


Comando Vermelho (CV), also known as the Red Command, has long ruled Brazil’s crooked skyline. Totally involved in drug trafficking, hand-offering and security extortion, this powerful agency has created the destiny of endless lives. But one man, Luiz Fernando da Costa, stands out – a master criminal who recently negotiated his own arrest.

From Prison Alliance to Criminal Empire

CV traces its origins to a prison alliance formed in 1979. Common criminals and left-wing guerrillas, collectively imprisoned in Cândido Mendes, the most secure prison on Ilha Grande, came together. Their goal? Mutual safety against prison violence and shield brutality. As the institution merged, common criminals imbibed leftist ideals of social justice from their guerrilla counterparts. Prison officers gave the alliance the nickname “Comando Vermelho“, a moniker that could soon spread throughout the Brazilian underworld.

Cocaine, profits and turf wars

The 1980s saw the expansion of the biography beyond the borders of Ilha Grande. It infiltrated other prisons and favelas in Rio de Janeiro and turned into a powerful force. The burgeoning cocaine industry fueled their growth, with CV controlling up to 70% of the drug trade in Rio’s slums. In addition, business ties with Colombian cartels increased their impact. However, internal disputes and splinter societies such as Terceiro Comando ada Amigos dos Amigos led to violent clashes.

Luiz Fernando da Costa: Architect of his own downfall

Enter Luiz Fernando da Costa, a criminal genius who negotiated his own arrest. His reasons remain shrouded in a thriller – has it turned into a strategic move or a desperate bid for survival? Regardless, his isolation in prison reverberates through the underwater underworld. As soon as possible, the leftist CV shed its ideological pores and skin and concentrated entirely on electricity and income.


As Luiz Fernando da Costa languishes in solitary confinement, Brazil grapples with Vermelha’s commando legacy. The negotiations that led to his arrest may also have changed the stability of power in the fraud hierarchy forever. One component is positive: the story of Red Command continues, fueled by ambition, betrayal and a relentless pursuit of dominance.

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